Solution complexed calcium (calcium gluconate)

200g CaO / L

Liquid containing a high concentration of calcium in a form totally assimilable.His specific complexation (Calcium gluconate) provides enhanced mobility and a bioavailability of calcium from the plante.It's any advantage over a conventional calcium products .

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Calcium oxide (CaO) partially complexed by gluconate - 200g / L

Complexing agents (vegetable) - 150g / L

Dose: 2 to 3 L / ha (repeat the treatement)

Poor in chlorine

     CROPS Calfast ensures physiological stability ,structural and plants. It is essential at the stability and permeability of the cell walls and membranes. it in the composition of cells and welded together.

     CROPS Calfast involved in the cohesion of cell walls (stems and fruits). It contributes to the growth from the roots to terminal apex and buds. It has an extremely important role in the formation of plant tissues and helps plants grow better.

     Viticulture, CROPS Calfast including foliar applied (2L / ha) fruit set and early veraison will inhibit the development of the main enzyme (Polygalacturonase) favoring Botrytis cinerea. The berries are enriched with calcium and allows them to achieve greater resistance.
     CROPS Calfast contains calcium gluconate, thus ensuring perfect and a sound absorption of calcium translocation.
     CROPS Calfast is recommended Arboriculture, Viticulture, Fruit Red Vegetable Farming, Horticulture.

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