CROPS Calibre

EEC fertilizer type E.2.3 - Solution of NPK fertilizer containing Mg with B, Fe, Mn, Zn for foliar spraying.

Increases fruit size

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CROPS Calibre

Composition g / kg:
- Nitrogen (N) Total 6g
- Nitrate (N) 4g
- Ammonlacal Nitrogen (N) 2g
- Phosphorus (P205) soluble in water 16g
- Potash (K20) 20 g water soluble
- Magnésle (Mg0) 2g
- Boron (B) 0.6 g Water-soluble
- Iron (Fe) in the water soluble chelated 0.3g
- Manganese (Mn) soluble in water, 0.5g chelated
- Molybdenum (Mo). 0.2g water soluble
- Zinc (Zn) water soluble chelated 0.5g
- Agent chélatarit: EDTA
- PH -4.5 -5
- Low in Chlorine

CROPS Calibre is a foliar fertilizer balanced based major bended and chelated trace elements. Due to its balanced formulation CROPS Calibre acts directly as a precursor of other substances to stimulate the life processes. It contributes to the harmonious development of the plant and fruit. Its major effect of activating translocation essential for the development of the fruit components: growth and cell proliferation, nutrient transport, synthesis and photosynthesis molecules structure and reserve fruit color, sugar accumulation.

CROPS Calibre improves the ability to put in reserve to ensure better transport of trace elements and elaborate substances.
CROPS Calibre facilitates differentiation fruit (Prune) in association with CROPS N1. It promotes thinning and selects leaders fruits.
CROPS Calibre is recommended Kiwi, Apple, Pear, Fishing, Nectarine, Apricot, Plum,
Cucurbits (melons).

Dose: 1-1.5kg / ha per treatment

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