ORTHOFER (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O) Expand

ORTHOFER (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O)


Orthofer (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O)

5kg bag - Cardboard 5X5Kg

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Orthofer (6% Fe EDDHA - 5.2% O-O)


Iron (Fe) Total 6%

Iron (Fe) in the water soluble EDDHA 6%

EDDHA chelating ortho-Ortho 5.2% Agent

Chelating agent EDDHA stable between pH 6 and 12


Orthofer can be distributed to sensitive crops ferric chlorosis during vegetative recovery, throughout the cycle when we see the first yellowing and post-harvest dormancy before to ensure the availability of iron for the cycle vegetative next. It is recommended in the poor land but mostly in limestone and iron in soils with high pH. Orthofer is water soluble and it ensures rapid and complete dissolution.

Physical characteristics:

Solubility: 60g / L

pH of 1% solution: 9

Conductivity 1 ° / ° ° (mS / cm): 0.83


Orthofer can be used as a spot or in the field. In any case, it must penetrate into the ground because it is fast due to the photosensitive chelator.

Viticulture: 25 to 40kg - Arboriculture: 40kg / ha - Fertirrigation- Horticulture ....

Used in organic farming

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