Micronutrients mixture (Zinc and Manganese) in powder form soluble in water

Guarantees wealth (% w / w):

6.8% Manganese (Mn), water-soluble

19.6% Zinc (Zn) water soluble

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NUTRIMAZIN corrector is a zinc deficiency and manganese in the form of micro-granules with a suitable pH of 2 to 9.

It is specially formulated to treat all the symptoms of deficiencies by foliar spraying in cereals, wine, fruit, vegetables, horticulture, ornamentals, parks, and other cultures.

It can -be used in fertigation.

Foliar application:

* Grains: 3 to 5 kg / ha

* Viticulture: 3 to 5 kg / ha

* Arboriculture: 4 to 5 kg / ha

* Horticulture: 300 to 500g / 100L water

* Green Spaces: 3 to 5 kg / ha


* Fruit trees: 4-6 kg / ha

Bring the product at the time of growth (spring - summer). Discontinue treatment two months before harvest.

* Horticulture: 3 to 5 kg / ha

* Flowers and ornamental plants: 3 to 5 kg / ha

* Tropical fruits: 4 to 6 kg / ha


NUTRIMAZIN is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides commonly used although it is advisable not to mix with oils, products made of copper, or with alkaline products.

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and foods.

Keep preferably between 5 ° C and 35 ° C.

Use only if nécessaire.Ne not exceed recommended doses.

Follow the technical recomendations.

Packaging: 5kg bag - Cardboard 5X5Kg

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