QuelaCROPS Mg Expand




Composition / L:

60g water soluble MgO

30g MgO complexed

Complexing agents: AA and AC synergists

Magnesium intake in a completely assimilated form (systemic) and profitable for the plant. accompanies the nutrient flow.

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29,50 €

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QuelaCROPS Mg rectifies the imbalance rich soils Potassium (K / Mg) or subjected to heavy rainfall.

Magnesium depends on the formation of sugars (accumulation in berries and fruits), proteins, fats and vitamins.

Magnesium increases the absorption of phosphorus and easy transport in the plant and it plays an important role in the absorption of other nutrients.

QuelaCROPS Mg is viticulture advisor on susceptible varieties and some rootstocks and arboriculture on sensitive varieties (Golden Delicious ..).

QuelaCROPS Mg is recommended on all crops (Crops, Arboriculture, Viticulture & Vegetable Farming ..).


Foliar: 1 to 3 L / ha

Hydroponics: 0.2 to 0.5 ml / 100L water

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