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MicroNutrientsMarket is an online site selling products in nutrition and fertilization of plants and is mainly for the European agricultural sector professionals except France.

Farmers, winemakers, Maraîchers, Cereal, Arborists, Horticulturists ... find nutrition products and classic or usable fertilizer in organic farming they want.

Some products in nutrition and fertilization of plants

  • QuelaCROPS Mg

    QuelaCROPS Mg Composition / L: 60g water soluble MgO 30g MgO complexed Complexing agents: AA and AC synergists Magnesium intake in a completely assimilated form (systemic) and profitable for the plant. accompanies the nutrient flow.

    29,50 €

     LIMOSAIN ORGANIC FERTILIZER EXTRACTS FROM INCREASED TRICHODERMA 100% Eco Orange extracts Limosain help fight against pathogenic soft-bodied insects (larval and / or adult) draining their cuticle (physical action, not chemical) Example: leafhoppers, thrips, aphids ....

    110,00 €

    Liquid formulation containing calcium and seaweed for preventive and curative foliar treatments. Packing:10L Quantity: 3L/for 2.47acres. Make several treatments.

    58,00 €
  • QuelaCROPS Fe

    QuelaCROPS Fe EEC fertilizer type E.1.4.b- Iron chelate (chelating agent DTPA) Participates in the process of photosynthesis To combat iron chlorosis And fully available to the plant Rapid effect of revegetation and stimultation photosynthetic activity

    44,00 €
  • APIMANG 500

    APIMANG 500 (500 g Mn/L) Packing: 10L Good fixing of manganese on the sheet. Fast penetration in the plant. Persistence of action

    90,00 €

    GEPHOMAG N Association of liquid phosphorus-magnesium-nitrogen Contains amino acids which promote assimilation of the elements and allows good migration within the plant: biostimulant effect.

    56,00 €

    GEFIZINC S Per liter: 170g + 210g SO3 Zinc sulfate liquid

    38,00 €

    ZINCOMAX composition: 120g Zn / L (chelating agent EDTA) Packaging: 10L - 750L pallet

    40,00 €
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